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Totally off the grid, supplying two houses and a
submersible pump with electricity.
4.2Kw of solar panels charges a Blue Nova 8kwh
Lithium battery, and supplies the loads through a 8Kva
Victron Quattro inverter. We also installed a 12kva
diesel generator as backup which is controlled, started
and stopped, by the Quattro.
The system also comes with remote monitoring,
through VRM. Which makes it possible to monitor the
system from anywhere in the world, through Wi-Fi.
Deverson house, Gansbaai
Ellis house, Vermont
18 x 325w Canadian solar modules, supplying power to the house
and a 7 Kwh Lithium battery from Freedom won. Because of the
roof restrictions we have two strings of panels, one facing east and
the other west. This gives us a lot of early morning and late
afternoon sun, when the electricity demand in the house is at its
The system uses a 5kw Omnipower hybrid inverter, that can also
be used as a grid-tied inverter, without any batteries.
Carkeek house, Voëlklip

5kw Mecer hybrid inverter
12 x 325w Canadian solar modules and a 3.7Kwh lithium battery.
Used for self-consumption, to save on their electricity bill, and
backup in the event of a power outage.
Swartrivier boerdery, Riversdal
50 x 325w Jinko solar panels, supplying 16kw of Power
to a 36kw Sungrow inverter.
This system can be expanded in future to 110 panels
total. The system is grid-tied to reduce electricity costs
on the farm.